Injury offenses even more serious than feared at OHL, preferably …


It is getting worse with the injuries in Leuven, some verdicts are even more serious than expected. Marc Brys will miss eight pawns in Genk on Saturday, six of which are basic players. “I have never experienced this in my career,” says the OHL coach.

We give you an overview of the current injuries at OHL. No fewer than four players fell out against Eupen on Monday. Kenneth Schuermans is most affected with a ruptured Achilles tendon. He is not six months, as said before, but twelve months out. Captain Frédéric Duplus has yet to undergo an additional MRI on his knee, he will be on the side for two to six months. Derrick Tshimanga has been out for two to four months with an adductor tear. Mathieu Maertens is struggling with an inflammation of the groin and is out of action for four weeks.

OHL already missed four players, and they probably will not be fit for Genk on Saturday. Samy Kehli has had a back operation, Stallone Limbombe has a hamstring injury and Yannick Aguemon has a buttock injury. The latter has been training carefully since today, in the best case he can finish part of the match on Saturday. Aboubakar Keita is quarantined after returning from the Ivory Coast, where he went to bury his mother.

“This is a big deal,” says Marc Brys with an understatement. “Unseen. I have never experienced this in my career. There are several key players. I can only hope that other players will surface now. They are already super motivated. We have analyzed whether we should blame the injuries on fatigue, but the data says not, ”he said. “We even analyzed the blood values, but nothing came out either. Looks like bad luck. ”


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