Infected Donar player ‘has no complaints’ and ‘had no contact with other players’


“Friday we were able to say with full conviction, based on the information we had at the time, that no one had been tested positive. We already had a lot of results back then, but not all of them yet, ‘says Swaving.


‘We have developed a fairly careful corona protocol together with our medical staff for this type of situation. If you come from an ‘orange country’, it is advised to observe two weeks of quarantine. That is not mandatory, but an urgent advice from RIVM if you do not test. ‘

‘But we just want to be one hundred percent sure about it, because those boys work so intensively together. Our protocol consists of testing the players on the day they enter. Then we wait five days, and on day six we test again, so that you can also catch the first phase of the virus in which it is not yet detectable, even though it is already there. ”

Five players from ‘orange countries’

“We only had to officially test the players who come from ‘orange countries’. This now applies to five out of ten. That goes for Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson, Will Moreton, DaVonté Lacy, Leon Williams, because he was on vacation in Croatia and that country just turned orange, and Damjan Rudez. “

James is a yellow player

‘And we have six’ yellow boys’: Nesta Agasi, Sheyi Adetunji, Kjeld Zuidema, Thomas Koenis, Willem Brandwijk and Juwann James, because the latter simply lives in Switzerland. Justin Watts is not in yet. So we shouldn’t have tested James, but we did. We are therefore stricter than RIVM. The fact that we have discovered it now is also proof that we have a good protocol. ”

‘But because we really wanted to be 100 percent sure, we also test the boys who come from’ yellow countries’. And to our surprise, we received a message at the beginning of the evening yesterday that Juwann James has tested positive. ‘

‘What a beast’

“James has no complaints at all. He’s conditionally better than any of us have ever been. ” Chairman Jannes Stokroos adds: “Someone even said during the test: What a beast.” Swaving continues, “In theory it could be that the complaints are coming, but they don’t expect that.”

“Quarantined immediately”

“He went into quarantine right away. In principle, we keep these fourteen days. He is here with his wife and it is nice that they are two here now. Fortunately, we have a business club member who lives nearby and ensures that he gets his necessary belongings. He now has to keep fit at home. And after those fourteen days he really has to test negative again before he can really join the group. ‘

Contamination hazard?

Now the question is to what extent James posed a contamination risk around his arrival in Groningen. Swaving explains. ‘The boys who come from’ orange countries’ are still given the conditional test, but the players from the ‘yellow countries’ (including James, ed.), Have just gone through the fitness test, because they have just like you and me. ”

‘During the conditional test, James has been in the vicinity of a number of testers and they are now being investigated and are in contact with the GGD. The contact investigation took place on Saturday morning, so the people were all called. It is all being inventoried. ”

“Maybe James passed another test when he passed the test, but no one has been close to him, and certainly not in a game situation. He also hasn’t seen the coach, and nobody on the board. “

‘Donar employees stay indoors’

‘He was picked up and driven by employees of the management agency to the various test facilities. The people we brought from “orange lands” all came by taxi and facemaps and so on, but James was from a yellow land, so he was just picked up by someone from Donar. ”

‘There is now an advice that employees should stay indoors for four days. That is less strict, because Juwann has no complaints at all. It is not necessary formally, but it seemed sensible to us to follow that advice. ”

Work permits

“We are also dealing with three players who do not yet have a work permit. That now all takes longer. Those players have to do things for themselves for now. We think that will be completed within two weeks. That also takes longer with James, because he has to visit him personally. It is a pity, because it just disrupts the preparation, “said Donar’s secretary Gert-Jan Swaving.

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