Infected by a therapist: 8 patients with the outbreak of the corona virus in a nursing home in Bnei Brak


For the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health has activated the Magen Avot VeImotim headquarters – following a corona outbreak at the Shlomo HaMelech nursing home in Bnei Brak, where eight blue patients were diagnosed with the virus in recent days, after being infected by a patient.

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As part of the program, the asymptomatic residents will remain in the nursing home so as not to impair their mental and cognitive state.

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In addition, the program director ordered repeat inspections of tenants every four days, in an attempt to prevent the aggravation of the outbreak at the site.

The decision to keep the patients in their nursing home was made after a careful inspection by the institution itself, to make sure that the corona carriers could be isolated from the other residents.

An inspection was also carried out that the staff is well equipped and protected and that all operations are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the National Unit for the Prevention of Infections and of the Heads of Paternity and Maternity Protection.

The Ministry of Health announced this morning (Sunday) that 625 new patients were diagnosed with the virus on Saturday.

Thus, the number of active patients stands at 26,127 people, 328 of them in critical condition and 96 respirators.

The death toll from the disease now stands at 527 people, after 10 people died yesterday.

72,283 people have been infected with the virus since the outbreak in Israel.

Of the 7,736 tests conducted yesterday, 8.4% of them came out positive. The test figure yesterday is the lowest in recent days, but there are always fewer tests on Saturdays than on other days.


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