Inditex promises to support suppliers during Covid-19


Inditex has agreed in an agreement with union Industriall Global Union to continue to protect workers’ rights during the current Corona crisis. The Spanish parent company of Zara and seven other high street chains will do this by guaranteeing that they pay their suppliers on time.

Many orders in the clothing industry were canceled by Covid-19, which caused major financial problems in the fashion industry. Factories had to close and many workers lost their jobs. That is why Inditex, together with Industriall Global Union, which represents some 50 million workers, has decided to help the clothing industry in this uncertain time. The two have been working together for some time. They signed their first global agreement in 2007, which was renewed in 2019.

Inditex pledges in the agreement that they will ensure that health and safety standards are adhered to and that the collective and labor rights of all their suppliers are upheld. In addition, they promise to pay on time so that suppliers can pay their employees too. Inditext Executive Chairman Pablo Isla said in a message from Inditex and Industriall that their priority during this crisis is the health and safety of all workers in their supply chain. “We have been successfully working with Industriall for more than 13 years to protect workers’ rights, and this partnership is vital now to support the garment industry in this unforeseen crisis.”

Image: Inditex media room


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