Indies monument The Hague defaced, one day before national commemoration


The monument includes’ kali belum lupa ‘(‘ we have not forgotten ‘) and ’17 / 08/45’. On August 17, 1945, Sukarno proclaimed the independent state of Indonesia, as the country’s first president.

The people behind the red and white alliance are angry because they think the wrong people are being remembered. The commemoration would not be about the Indian population, but about the people who occupied the country after World War II.

“This commemoration means nothing to Indonesians,” the alliance writes on their Facebook page. “The colonial aggressors are being remembered while the population and their voices are systematically ignored.”

National commemoration

The national commemoration is dedicated to all victims of the Japanese occupation in the Dutch East Indies. The Dutch East Indies was a Dutch colony at the time. “We commemorate all the victims of the war against Japan and the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies”, the National Remembrance August 15, 1945 wrote on their website. They will be commemorated tomorrow.

With the capitulation of Japan on August 15, 1945, World War II ended.

Every year on August 14, the House reflects on the war victims. Today, among others, Erry Stoové and Khadija Arib, chairman of the Lower House, spoke.

The commemoration this year has no public character due to the corona measures. As a result, a limited number of guests will also be present, including King Willem-Alexander.

Since this morning, cleaners have been busy cleaning the monument in the Scheveningse Bosjes.


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