Indictment for aggravated murder against a Taibeh resident


The prosecution today (Friday) filed an indictment in the Central District Court against Ayman Masaru, 51, of Taibeh, for aggravated murder of his wife, Wafa Masaru, and obstruction of justice.

According to the indictment, filed by attorney Yael Ben Shmuel, on the afternoon of July 2, Ayman Masrua, the deceased and their daughter, born in 2015, arrived at their home in Taibeh. He broke two of her teeth and even uprooted one of them, forcibly tore off a balanced earring, grabbed her by the neck, and ripped off the necklace she was wearing.

Next, he took two glass bottles from the kitchen countertop, and a glass, and slammed them at rest until they broke. At one point, while in the kitchen, the 51-year-old from Taibeh opened the kitchen drawer and took a sharpened knife from it. He approached his wife and stabbed and cut her hard, using the knife, several stab wounds, to her upper body. She bent down and tried to defend himself from him, but he continued his actions. Later, as she was bleeding, she walked from the kitchen toward the door of the house, and when she went out to the stairwell, her husband stabbed her further, trying to defend herself, until she finally collapsed on the stairs as she was covered in blood.

All the while their daughter was present at the scene, witnessed his actions, and even cursed him as a result. The father then fled the house holding a knife, wearing underwear and driving to his mother’s house. There he took out clothes from the trunk of the vehicle and got dressed. A few minutes later, the defendant drove his vehicle, and threw the knife at Taibeh, away from his home, in order to make him disappear.

After fleeing the house, his daughter ran out of the house barefoot, ran to a neighbor who lived nearby to call for help, and told her, while crying, that her father had attacked her mother with a knife.

In the request for arrest, Adv. Ben Shmuel wrote that “… a cause of arrest arose against the respondent … since the respondent committed a murder offense in aggravated circumstances, with special cruelty, using cold weapons … against his wife … a cause of arrest also arose against the respondent … As for there is a reasonable basis for fearing that his release will disrupt legal proceedings, noting that he took the knife from the house, fled the scene and threw it away. Also, many of the respondent’s family members are significant prosecution witnesses, and there is a fear that the respondent will influence their testimony. ”


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