Indictment against 9 suspects for offenses of organizing and conducting gambling


The Economic Department of the State Attorney’s Office filed today (Sunday) in the Tel Aviv District Court, a serious indictment against 9 defendants, for offenses of organizing and managing gambling, money laundering and tax offenses. The indictment reveals a broad factual mask of a gambling organization that operated through various gambling sites on the Internet between 2012 and 2017. As part of the indictment, the state filed a forfeiture request that includes prohibited property worth millions of NIS, in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law.

According to the indictment, the gambling organization was headed by Dudi Kahlon along with 7 other defendants (Yoni Ben Haim, Kobi Menashe, Ben Alon, Moshe Gabay (“the big one”), Moshe Gabay (“the little one”), Shimi Azen and Daniel Edri), together With the criminal Yaakov Shimon (“Aka”) and AA (state witness in case 1131, which is currently pending in the Tel Aviv District Court against the criminal Moti Hussein and others). The gambling organization rolled in tens of millions of shekels during its activity, and generated profits for the organization Hundreds of thousands of NIS a week. In order to hide this activity, the defendants acted in sophisticated ways to disguise the organization members, using different code names (“glasses”, “dome” and more) when the profits are distributed in rooms rented in different hotels at short notice to organization members. Yes, in order to disguise the gambling money, various changers were used by straw men, and some of the defendants were found with sums of money worth millions of NIS, in various places and currencies.

The indictment states that the head of the organization – Dudi Kahlon – hid hundreds of thousands of NIS, from the gambling money, by purchasing a luxury Porsche car, but did not register it in his name, in order to hide the profits of the gambling organization he runs. One of the defendants (Moshe Bachar) Was the owner of a change called “Exx. Ltd.”, through which the gambling money was laundered in the amount of over 16 million NIS. Bachar is accused of providing various currency services while hiding the identities of the parties involved, and refrained from lawfully reporting on money transfers, made Without full identification of the recipients of the service.In addition, the defendants were charged with various tax offenses for not reporting their huge profits to the income tax and did not pay tax on it legally.

The case was investigated by the Special Task Force for Combating Online Gambling, the National Unit for Combating Economic Crime (YALK) together with the National Unit for the Investigation of Serious and International Crime (Yahal) at Blade 433.

archives. Photo: Police Spokeswoman


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