Indian doctor suspected of murdering fifty taxi drivers


Illustration: a taxi van in New Delhi.
Photo: AP

A doctor from India is suspected of being involved in the murder of at least fifty taxi drivers. He is said to be the leader of a gang that committed robberies of drivers, where it was about their cars. These were later sold on the black market.

The 62-year-old man had previously been in prison. Around the turn of the millennium, he was arrested for six murders of taxi drivers and sentenced to life. He was later released for unknown reasons. According to the police, the man then continued his criminal career. His gang may even be behind more than a hundred murders, according to police in New Delhi, who announced his arrest on Sunday.

The man is suspected of being the mastermind behind the crimes. The victims’ bodies were thrown into a channel full of crocodiles, according to the charges, so that they would not be found.

In the past, the prime suspect was also detained in the case because he had performed illegal kidney transplants as a doctor.


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