‘Increase in corona infections in Utrecht no reason for mouth mask obligation’


Utrecht is also seeing a sharp increase in the number of corona infections. 25 new infections were reported on Friday. This is the highest number since mid-May. Despite these figures, according to the municipality, there is no reason to consider a mouth mask obligation.

In Amsterdam and Rotterdam it is compulsory from 5 August in some busy areas of the city to wear a face mask. The number of infections has also risen in those cities. There is no national rule, the cabinet is not in favor of a mouth mask obligation.

The municipality of Utrecht is not yet in favor either: “We will continue to invest heavily in measures to ensure a distance of one and a half meters in public space and monitor the bustle in the city. Should this give rise to additional measures, we will consider the introduction of mouth masks. There is no reason for this at the moment. ”

The municipality has previously noticed that some catering establishments do not sufficiently observe the 1.5-meter rules. That is why it has been decided to actively enforce compliance with the emergency ordinance at risk locations.


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