In three strokes: this is how you will receive the grant for each citizen


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After the government approves the distribution of a grant to each citizen, the National Insurance Institute arranges the timing and manner of the distribution of funds to the citizens of Israel, which will be carried out in several beats.

Last Wednesday, the National Insurance Institute announced that the grants will be deposited in the bank’s accounts as early as Sunday. However, not all of the grant amount will be deposited, but only that paid to the family for the children under 18 years of age.

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For example, a family with 3 children under the age of 18 will initially receive NIS 1,500 (NIS 500 for each child), after a few days another NIS 1,500 will be deposited in its bank account for the parents (NIS 750 for each child).

According to the National Insurance Institute, the amount that will be transferred as early as Sunday is NIS 1.45 billion for about three million children.

In the next round of payment of the grant, which will also take place after a few days, the increased grants will be paid to those who are entitled to the pension. According to the plan, those who regularly receive an allowance from the National Insurance Institute will receive an increased grant of another NIS 750.

Commenting on the distribution of funds, Meir Spiegler, director general of the National Insurance Institute, said: “A project the size of a grant for every citizen has never been in our districts. They will be handed over to those entitled to beats until the last citizen receives the grant he deserves. “

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It is worth noting that the grants will be paid only to those whose bank account is updated in the Social Security. The organization asks those whose bank account is not in their hands to call and update the bank’s details, thus enabling the deposit of the funds. Anyone who in any case does not wish to transfer his bank details to the National Insurance Institute will be able to go to one of the post offices, present an identity card and receive the grant in cash.

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