In these places in Amsterdam and Rotterdam you now have to wear a mask NOW


From Wednesday on, wearing a mask in a number of places in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is mandatory for everyone aged thirteen or older. Below you can see for which locations this applies.


In the northern part of the Red Light District, the mouth mask requirement applies in the Warmoesstraat, on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal and on the Zeedijk. In the Damstraat, the Oude Hoogstraat, the Nieuwe Hoogstraat and the Oude Doelenstraat, there is no mandatory mask

The mask also applies in the Kalverstraat and on the Nieuwendijk, and in the side streets of these two busy shopping streets. No mask is required on the Dam.

Finally, there will be a mouth mask requirement on the markets on Plein ’40 -’45 and Albert Cuypstraat. Wearing a face mask is only mandatory here during market times.

(Photo: Municipality of Amsterdam)

How does the mouth mask obligation work in Amsterdam?

People who do not comply with the mouth mask obligation risk a fine of 95 euros. However, no fines will be issued yet. Both Amsterdam and Rotterdam first want to maintain ‘coaching’ and only act in excesses.

The municipality of Amsterdam also reports that signs indicate where the obligation to contribute applies. Retailers and market vendors will also receive posters with which they can communicate the obligation to contribute in an area. In addition, the first days there will be special hosts who will hand out face masks to people who don’t have one.

There is an exception to the mouth mask requirement for people who can demonstrate that they cannot wear a mask for medical reasons and for shop staff who work behind a counter or cash register with a splash screen. The obligation to wear applies only on the street, not in shops or on terraces.

On the website of the municipality you can see a map with the places where the obligation to contribute applies. There you can also read all information about the mouth mask obligation.


People should wear a face mask in a part of the center of Rotterdam. The rule applies between 6am and 10pm and is linked to the shopping hours law. Outside these times, wearing a mask is not mandatory.

It concerns the following locations:

  • Karel Doormanstraat
  • Kruiskadehof
  • Short Lijnbaan
  • Zoutmanstraat
  • Van Genthstraat
  • Aert van Nesstraat
  • From Oldenbarneveltplaats
  • Binnenwegplein
  • Lijnbaan
  • Hennekijnstraat
  • Stock exchange traverse
  • Coolsingel (corner Meent – Aert van Nesstraat)
  • Bulgersteijn (corner Binnenwegplein)
  • Believes
  • Leeuwenstraat
  • Beursplein
  • Korte Hoogstraat
  • Red Sand
  • Hoogstraat
  • Westewagenstraat
  • Delftware
  • Oppert
  • Grote Kerkplein
  • Bagijnenstraat
  • West Nieuwland
  • Renewal Nieuwstraat
  • Steiger
  • Inner rat
  • drs. Jan Scharpstraat

The mouth mask rule also applies in a number of shopping centers, such as Alexandrium and Zuidplein. The municipality has yet to decide whether shopping centers Keizerswaard and Binnenhof will be added to this.

Furthermore, a mask is mandatory on the markets on the Visserijplein, the Afrikaanderplein and the Binnenrotte. The rule only applies during the opening hours of the markets.

How does the mouth mask obligation work in Rotterdam?

The municipality will deploy information teams that will point people to the use of the mask. Like Amsterdam, Rotterdam speaks of “coaching enforcement”. Those who do not comply with the measure will be called to account or will be asked to leave the area.

According to the municipality, it is not the intention to issue fines, but in the most extreme cases this is possible. In the areas where the mask will be mandatory, mask will be distributed on Wednesday by the information teams.

On the website of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region you can see a map of the places where the obligation to contribute applies.


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