In the Shadow of the Corona: The IDF is preparing for the recruitment of August recruits


Recruitment in the shadow of the corona: Starting today (Sunday), thousands of new IDF recruits will report to recruitment bureaus throughout the country. The corona Less grief will be mobilized every day, and the recruitment bureau in Tel Hashomer will be split into four centers in the center. The recruits were instructed to arrive at the recruitment bureaus without parental guidance, and the security and policing arrangements at the recruitment bureaus were intensified in order to prevent gatherings.

Every recruit in the August 2020 cycle will undergo a heat test and questioning about his health condition, and will even sign a health declaration. Once the recruitment chain, which is also adapted to the Corona’s restrictions, has been transferred to the recruitment bureau, the new recruits will be transferred to buses where the number of passengers will be limited to 30 recruits in each vehicle, to the new training bases. Even in the rookie bases they will undergo a health check again and sign a health declaration again, as an additional precautionary measure in dealing with the virus.

Recruitment of fighters to the IDF (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

The recruits will go through the first stages of the training in an isolated compound and in accordance with the instructions that the army has adapted for training and training in the shadow of the corona.
Formations for different units will take place only after two weeks of recruitment, To make sure everyone who takes part in them is healthy.

Identity of the recruits

In the August 2020 cycle, 58.62% of the recruits are boys, and out of the total recruitment cycle, 350 are new immigrants, with 223 of them being boys and 127 being girls. The countries from which the most new immigrants will be recruited: Ukraine, the United States, Ethiopia, France and Russia. 3.62% of the conscripts are from pre-military preparatory schools and a year of service.


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