In response to the rocket fire into Sderot; The IDF attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip


Tonight (Monday), IDF fighter jets and aircraft attacked targets of the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, in response to the rocket fired earlier from the Gaza Strip at Sderot. The infrastructure itself.

In the evening, dozens of Sderot residents arrived at the new Drive-In complex that opened in the market square to allow watching movies during the Corona crisis, but the great excitement that accompanied the residents was replaced within minutes by panic due to a red alert in the city.

“The compound began operating today and 50 vehicles arrived,” said Limor Cohen, the director of the community center in Sderot. The warning of gunfire from the Gaza Strip was heard around the city around 9:00 PM, 45 minutes after the film began. “Some of the people ran for protection, the rest lay on the floor. There was a great panic.”


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