In response to the launch of incendiary balloons: The IDF attacked in the Gaza Strip


The IDF responded to the launch of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory: The IAF attacked last night (Thursday) in the Gaza Strip, after incendiary balloons were launched into the Gaza Strip today. During the day, no less than 13 incendiary balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel, igniting fires in the sector.

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“Recently, an IDF fighter jet and aircraft attacked an underground infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization in the northern Gaza Strip,” the IDF spokesman said. “The attack was carried out in response to the blowing up of explosive balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory during the day.”

This is not the IDF’s first attack in Gaza this week: last Sunday, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory intercepted by the Iron Dome system. A red alert was sounded in the city of Sderot and in the nearby localities, Nir Am and Or Haner. In response, the IDF attacked Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip.


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