In many places, Coronavirus is an end to Sinterklaas entry


In several places this year the corona virus refrains from a traditional Sinterklaas entry. Instead, Sinterklaas committees brood on alternatives that are corona proof. That writes it AD.

It is still high summer, but Marc Gilling of the Sint and Pietengilde already dares the prediction: “The Saint will quietly enter the country in November.” The lover of the Sinterklaas story thinks this is a real pity. “But there won’t be many entries this year. And if the Saint does actually arrive somewhere, it will not be in public. ”

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Soot for Sinterklaas

The corona pandemic and the accompanying measures throw a spanner in the works for the hundreds of Sinterklaas committees in the Netherlands. The committees start planning months before the arrival of the Good Saint. They arrange volunteers, subsidies and permits.



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