In Knokke-Heist ‘numerous’ fights, elsewhere quiet


There were also a few incidents in Knokke-Heist on Saturday. ‘Fortunately, we have not experienced situations such as in Blankenberge, but there have been numerous interventions for fights,’ says the police chief. The last news.

He talks about ‘numerous’ fights. Mayor Leopold Lippens had previously said that he did not want any extra tourists in Knokke-Heist. On Saturday there was a sign with ‘Knokke-Heist = Full’ along the road. Although there were fights, they were not of the same caliber as the massive fight in Blankenberge. Day tourists are no longer allowed to go there on Sunday.

Things went better in Ostend than last week, when thousands of tourists had to stand close together. With 15,000 registrations, the beach was full, but there was enough room for everyone. There were no incidents worth mentioning and on the Zeedijk the police continued to point out the mouth mask obligation to hundreds of people, mainly young people. The exodus went without a hitch and dozens of NMBS agents and security personnel were present at the station. Nevertheless, mayor Bart Tommelein continues to argue in favor of not using additional trains to the coast. ‘It is already busy on a day like this and the extra trains make enforcement difficult.’

On Saturday afternoon, the online busy barometer turned dark or light green in several places, the codes for ‘quiet’ and ‘cozy’. In several seaside resorts, the center of the municipality was already given a code yellow, which means ‘busy’. In the course of the afternoon it eventually became ‘very busy’ in most of the busy beach areas. For example, De Haan and Wenduine turned orange. The two busiest beaches of De Haan were more than 90 percent full around 4 pm. In Knokke, Het Zoute is turning orange and the busiest zone of De Panne is currently also getting code orange.


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