In good time: Residents of Judea and Samaria can pay in cash for buses


In a message to the residents of Judea and Samaria: After it was revealed that drivers in Ozer Hashomron refuse to accept cash from passengers for the trip, contrary to the directive of Transportation Minister Miri Regev, the Labor Court ruled in favor of the minister. The instruction issued about two months ago that passengers in Judea and Samaria are entitled to pay in cash and not only using the multi-line card, was not actually implemented by a number of drivers. The Department of Transportation appealed to the Labor Court and demanded that drivers be required to carry out the instruction by law. The court’s directive applies not only to passengers in Judea and Samaria but to the entire elderly population throughout the country.

The Regional Labor Court ruled in the last hour in favor of the outline of the Ministry of Transport proposed to the parties in the dispute between drivers and public transport operators and thus finally approved the directive of the Minister of Transport for the use of cash on buses. According to the outline, the drivers will collect cash from the passengers, by using 2 dedicated bowls in one of which the passengers will put the money and in the other they will receive the required surplus and the travel ticket. At the end of the journey, drivers will be able to collect the money that will accrue and deposit it in the company’s box office.

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Miri Regev: “This is a great news for the elderly public and the residents of Judea and Samaria who can continue to use public transportation in the shadow of the Corona as it exists in all sectors of the economy. I welcome the agreements and send warm greetings to the drivers of public transportation, in which I see the main resource of the public transportation system for the benefit of the citizens of Israel. I will continue to work for the well-being of drivers, with an emphasis on accelerating the construction of the partitions, as well as promoting refreshment facilities and convenience for bus drivers in Israel. ”


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