In good news, the children were found healthy inside a school in the settlement


In the afternoon, the parents of the two informed the police that their children left at 9:00 in the morning with the scooter and that they initially searched for them in the community and when they did not find them, they contacted the police.

Saul wore a white shirt and green pants and gold an orange shirt and long pants.

Regina, the mother of the two brothers, said “they were in the yard playing with the scooter and suddenly disappeared. I called them because we were planning to go to the sea and they did not answer. We turned around and looked for them and did not find them. I am terribly worried. It never happened. They are good and disciplined children.”

For long hours, searches were conducted with increased forces in the village of Silver Village.

The two children, Zeev (4) and Shaul (7), were seen riding a scooter in the locality around 09:00, and in the evening they were found inside a classroom at the school in Silver Village.

Itamar Revivo, head of the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council: The search for the two younger brothers, Zeev and Shaul, from Kfar Silver in the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council, is currently underway. We are working in the field, close to the forces of the Israel Police and the rescue organizations, in order to find the two brothers as soon as possible. The Education Administration and the Social Services Division of the Council are in constant contact with the family and accompany them in all their needs during these tense hours. We receive many inquiries from residents across the country who are interested in volunteering and helping with the search efforts, but for now no further assistance is needed.Ashkelon Beach Spokeswoman

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