In a message to the residents of Gilo: The testing institute will leave the neighborhood – news in Israel


הפגישה בלשכת ליאון

The meeting at the Leon’s OfficePhoto: Jerusalem Municipality Spokeswoman

At a meeting held at the office of the Mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, an agreement was signed to regulate the issue of driving tests in a way that will solve the existing problem in the Gilo neighborhood, and allow a complete solution for examinees without harming other residential neighborhoods in the capital.

It was agreed that as early as this month, the main test complex will move to the industrial area in Talpiot, to a spacious and welcoming building, with parking available and convenient for visitors. From there came the driving tests of the private vehicles (License B) only.

According to Mayor Leon’s proposal, the driving tests for the rest of the vehicles – the heavy, commercial and buses – left the area of ​​Teddy Stadium in the Malcha neighborhood.

In addition, the test track of the Arnona neighborhood will be canceled so that there will be no need for L. vehicles to enter the neighborhood.

“In a creative way we were able to solve the problem at her age immediately without burdening Talpiot and nearby residential neighborhoods, such as property taxes, which in a special arrangement will be excluded from the test tracks,” Leon said.

” When you want and act, you succeed. I would like to thank all our partners for their efforts, and special thanks to my advisor, Ofer Ayubi who worked for the solution for two years. I wish success to the examinees and students, “the mayor of Jerusalem added.


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