Improvement in the condition of the mother and daughter who were hospitalized in the corona ward in Ashdod Here in the south


Improvement in the condition of Lee and Alinoi Ovadia from Ashdod, a mother and her young daughter who were hospitalized in the Corona ward in critical condition

Posted on: 2.8.20 14:40

By: Assaf Leibowitz

Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital recently updated that there is a significant improvement in the condition of the mother and her 12-year-old daughter who were hospitalized at the corona ward at the beginning of the previous week when they are in critical condition.

At the beginning of last week, Lee Ovadia, a resident of Ashdod, and her daughter Alinoy were rushed to the hospital feeling unwell and having symptoms of the corona virus. The years were transferred to the corona department and tests were taken from them. After a while it became clear that they were indeed sick and had been left in the ward, but their condition was deteriorating. As mentioned, in the last day their condition has improved. When the daughter Illinois no longer needs any kind of respiratory assistance and also my condition does my mother show an improvement trend. The father of the family and their three other children are currently staying in home isolation in their home.

Dr. Hagit Sarbagil-Maman, Deputy Director General of Assuta Ashdod Hospital: “Following the reports at the end of the last week about the hospitalization of a mother and daughter in the Coronhof ward, I am pleased to announce that their condition has improved significantly. “In addition, the mother’s condition has improved and stabilized. We hope that these trends will continue.”

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