Impressive, respectful farewell to Tamar (14) at Marken | Inland


It was not until 2:18 pm, later than planned because the service was over, that the church bells rang and the whole of Marken was further deafening and reverently silent. At the cafes on the harbor, the waiting staff laid down their work. This was when the young girl was carried out of the church after loving worship.

Hundreds of villagers gathered between the Patmos Church and the cemetery to form an honorary hedge along the 400-meter route that breathed mere respect and dignity. And especially intense grief, among the estimated 800 people who together formed the honorary hedge. At the end of the route, many young girls in black. Tears flowed from braised sobs.

The mourning bells still rang when the funeral procession made the turn to the cemetery after a ten-minute walk. The white box on a mobile bar, accompanied by six young people. Behind it her parents, close relatives and invitees who brought Tamar to her resting place. The sympathetic villagers stopped outside the cemetery. When the bells were silent after 40 minutes, the closest family left the cemetery last, met by the same hundreds of sympathizers who surrounded them with their warmth. “That’s how we do it in Marken,” said one bystander. “With respect.”

The farewell to the beloved, calm, sporty girl started in the morning with a condolence. Then the private farewell service took place in the church, where there was room for 80 guests.


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