Impressive demonstration of power: About a thousand demonstrators against the construction of the depot north of the green neighborhood. Watch the videos


Residents demonstrated north of a park in the neighborhood, in the area where the huge train garage is to be built. They set up a huge tent where a display was put up simulating the pollution that could be emitted from the depot and the demonstrators carried signs and chanted slogans against its erection on the spot. Assault in demonstration: “State disengagement out of place”

Posted on: 6.8.20 20:07

By: Arie Abramson

About 1,000 residents of the green neighborhoods and the surrounding area, and the moshavs of Gan Haim and Sde Warburg, demonstrated tonight in the compound next to the park in the northern green neighborhood, in the fields of Moshav Gan Haim, where the depot, the huge garage at the end of the M1 metro line, is to oppose. A huge encampment was erected at the site, where a performance was erected in front of the audience that simulates the pollution that could be emitted from the depot, and displayed on posters of the chain of events so far. The demonstrators carried signs and chanted slogans against the establishment of the garage on the spot. Mayor Rafi Saar, Deputy Mayor of the Southern Sharon Regional Council Little Rahav, holder of the Green Neighborhoods portfolio, Council member Adi Scoop and Chairman of the Northern Green Neighborhood Committee Leah Mansour spoke on the spot.

Mansour said: “We say thank you to the residents, it is exciting that you came despite the corona. And despite the corona, and perhaps precisely because of the corona it is even more annoying that an authority like the National Infrastructure Committee decides without cooperation with the authorities, and in the blink of an eye, such a fateful decision Depot here in this ecological corridor on the fields of Gan Haim, less than three months ago a black cloud fell on us, and without preparation and consultation decided to build Depot, which is not a metro station, it is a polluting industrial train garage. “We say no to a train garage 250 meters from the residents’ houses, no to a train garage on the agricultural lands of Gan Haim that will destroy agriculture in the area, no to a train garage near our leisure areas, places where thousands of children play every day.”

Scoop: “I stand with you today as the representative of the green neighborhoods in the city council, proud of this common struggle of us all in the war for our home! Our struggle crosses borders. The planning authorities – Hotal and Nata, must understand once and for all that today the public Ignore it so blatantly and how important, especially these days, to act together with the authorities and the residents and not against them. We stand here today clearly and firmly and say – so far! We will not agree to let this unfortunate decision threaten the lives of all of us here , Whoever sits up there is completely detached from real life, not willing to give us even another month to provide a much more suitable alternative close to the industrial and commercial area. It’s not too late. The project will be carried out at best in ten years. That”.

The mayor of Kfar Saba, Rafi Saar, thanked Leah Mansour, Adi Levy Scoop, Amir Kurtz and Shaul Eyal in his speech at the demonstration. “I say unequivocally here: it will not happen,” Saar said. “I hope those in the committee somewhere in Jerusalem knew that there are other, better alternatives as well. The train garage must be moved to other industrial areas. It will not be close to any house, not here And not in the East. The detachment of the country is out of place. A committee set up to promote infrastructure and instead promotes glorious projects. More. Together we will make sure that Depo, the train garage, will not be, neither here in this area nor in that area. It will be far from the homes of the residents. I am happy to announce that all the residents of the area, all the heads of councils and cities, are our partners. Thank you to the more than a thousand residents who came here, for what you are doing here. I declare unequivocally: there will be no train garage here! “.

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