Ilse Uyttersprot murdered in her sleep with hammer


Former mayor of Aalst, Ilse Uyttersprot was murdered with a hammer in her sleep. That reports Het Nieuwsblad. The newspaper also reveals the name and photo of the suspect, as yet described as Jurgen D. It would be her friend Jurgen Demesmaeker (49), with whom Uyttersprot had been dating for several months. Demesmaeker is an advertising agent and real estate broker from Aalst. Tuesday morning the man took a hammer and hit Ilse Uyttersprot (53) in her sleep while she was in bed on the head. Because of the modus operandi, the public prosecutor’s office is not calling it ‘murder’. He is suspected to have planned the facts. The defendant’s counsel denies that.

More details are gradually emerging about the circumstances in which the former mayor and ships of Aalst were killed. He would have stated to the investigating judge that he went to the storage room that Tuesday morning, and that he would have taken the murder weapon, a hammer from the toolbox. The suspect would have killed his victim while he was still asleep in bed. This was also confirmed by Demesmaeker’s lawyer Krist’l De Paepe, after the hearing with the investigating judge.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday morning, Demesmaeker went to report himself, and confessed the facts. The murder weapon was later found in the apartment.

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First degree murder

The fact that Demesmaeker killed his victim in her sleep, and then took a hammer from a tool box, is an element of first degree for the investigating judge. That is why Demesmaeker is suspected of murder. His lawyer is talking about manslaughter, a less serious qualification. “He had no intention or plan to kill her”, she says.

The suspect is said to have been unwell for a while but denies that the couple would split up. “He had a depressive dip, due to corona and the lockdown. It responded to his mood. Business was also bad. Ilse was worried about him and she made an appointment with the psychiatrist, where they then went together. He also wanted that dip from his body ”, according to Demesmaeker’s lawyer.

Convicted but not seen a day in prison

In any case, Demesmaeker cannot be ignored. In 2014, he was sentenced to six months’ probation. He then tried to strangle his ex-girlfriend by closing her throat. He would also have harassed her for a long time. “Other women with whom he has had a relationship would also have been abused by him”, Het Nieuwsblad remembers.

Strangulation, closing the throat, harassment with messages and unwanted photos. A previous conviction for succeeding. The past of Jurgen Demesmaeker (49), who reported himself for the murder of Ilse Uyttersprot, is anything but beautiful. He was sentenced to six months’ probation in 2014 for the violence against his ex-girlfriend. Remarkable: the woman reported several times as a victim to the police: “But this had not been followed up to that point.”

The verdict, which Het Nieuwsblad was able to see, shows that these are serious facts. Demesmaeker sent abusive text messages and unwanted photos to his ex-partner. Finally, he also committed physical violence. A complaint to the court shows that he tried to strangle her by squeezing her neck with both hands and squeezing her throat.

Remarkable: according to the indictment, the woman has already reported this to the police several times. “But this had not been followed up until then”said the verdict. During his questioning about the facts, Demesmaeker said he wanted the woman “to calm down”. Despite a previous criminal conviction for deliberate blows, the Dendermonde District Court only gave a six-month suspended sentence. Demesmaeker had to be guided for his aggression problems.


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