“If there is no sleep in Rehavia, so will there be rejoicing”


Hundreds of participants make noise with drums and zambors in a protest demonstration in front of the Supreme Court president’s house

A protest rally was held tonight (Saturday) in front of her home, Supreme Court President Esther Hayut in Tel Aviv.

The demonstrators protested against what they define as “legal corruption,” calling for, among other things, “democracy is being stolen from us,” “the people are the sovereign,” “you are a shame,” and “this is not Iran.”

The demonstration was organized following the Supreme Court judges’ decision to allow a left-wing protest in front of the Prime Minister’s House even after 11:00 PM, which is defined by law as an hour after which noise is prohibited in a populated area. In Jerusalem.

Matan Peleg, chairman of the If You Will movement that led the protest, said: “High Court judges are openly acting as a political body, seeking to shape Israel’s policy in place of its elected officials. The judges’ approach is that Israel’s laws, including Basic Laws, They are material in the hands of the creator and not a framework that they must respect, preserve and rule on. This situation puts Israeli democracy in real danger. It is enough for a dictatorship of the High Court! “Peleg announced:” If the residents of Rehavia do not sleep – so will the residents of Tzahala. Want to sleep quietly ?! “Make sure that the honorable president resigns immediately.”

The South Tel Aviv Struggle Headquarters said: “The High Court repeatedly chooses to deny the most basic civil rights. Now the High Court has decided that the right of protest of Gantz’s traitors outweighs the right of citizens to silence, just as in the past the High Court “Citizens’ right to security. Tonight we are challenging the law enforcement systems and coming to a protest party in front of the Supreme Court president’s house. If freedom of protest is a top value and if there is no selective enforcement, the police will not evacuate us a minute before evacuating Balfour protesters. Let’s see them.”


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