If the league does not go ahead, the contracts will be canceled


Significant development in terms of player contracts for next season. The basketball association has in recent days issued an official appendix, in which it defines rules of thumb in case the league is stopped once again due to the corona plague.

The management of the union drafted a uniform appendix to the players’ contracts that would allow the teams to deal with the players in a similar way, and not enter into different negotiations with them. The annex was approved at the last union meeting and will be part of the contract – when it enters into force as soon as the contract is signed and transferred to control.

The first clause concluded that “to the extent that the Corona event prevents the start of training and games of the basketball season even before it begins, the contract will be considered a frustrated contract and the player / coach will not be entitled to remuneration.”

Article 2 states: “To the extent that the Corona event postpones the start of training and games of the season, the start of contractual employment will be postponed until after the end of the Corona event, and will begin on the first date the season begins. The player / coach will be entitled to pay from the start of the season.”

In other words: if the league stops once again, then according to the new wording, the players will go to the squad. However, there is another clause that comes before the players: “As long as the corona event leads to a temporary break in league games, the team will require the player / coach to participate. Training, the player / coach will be entitled to receive 50% of his basic monthly salary for the training period. “As the league games resume, the team will pay the player / coach his full salary until the end of the season.”

Chairman of the Players’ Association, Nir Alon, In response: ‘I have instructed all players not to sign this document, we will soon respond officially on our behalf. Once a document is worded that way, unilaterally hurting the actors and actresses, it does not make sense. It is against the rights of the players and it has to go through negotiations. ”

Meanwhile, the players’ organization sent a scathing letter to the union: “The union is not allowed to make unilateral changes in the terms of employment of the players, without collective bargaining and without reaching an agreement with the organization.” “It is legal, unfair and lacks good faith. We instructed the players not to sign the document.”


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