“If it depends on us, there will be no exception for Antwerp football”


Will there be football in the province of Antwerp in the coming weeks? According to Steven Van Gucht, chairman of the Celeval expert group, it is not at all. He indicates that at VTM News.

“Contact sports involve an increased risk of the virus spreading,” explains Van Gucht. “They were banned in the province of Antwerp and that was a wise decision. We consider football as a contact sport. It is not up to Celeval to create an exception for football, that is a political decision.”

Celeval is only an advisory body and should therefore not make the final decision. “So we cannot speak out about that. If one wants to create an exception, politicians must consider under what conditions that is possible. But it remains an exception to a rule that was previously installed. There are also other contact sports that cannot continue and that would create a sense of injustice. “


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