Idrissi: ‘I don’t know why those matches were created’


Oussama Idrissi sees that AZ is not yet in the form of the previous season. The Alkmaarders lost 1-0 on Saturday in a practice match against FC Utrecht, but the Moroccan attacker is not too worried.

“Normally the season is over and you get hold of it for two weeks, after which you start up a bit for yourself. But our body has had a little too much rest. We now have six weeks to make our body stronger”, says Idrissi against it ANP. The 24-year-old left winger is also not completely satisfied with his own progress in the preparation. “It’s not so much in my physique, but mainly in the quality. I am a little less explosive and when I make an action, I am just a little short. I miss just that five percent.”

That is why Idrissi is happy that AZ will mainly face major opponents in the preparation this summer. He is not very fond of practice duels against amateur clubs. “I don’t know why those games were created at all. I think that’s more for the region and the marketing. But we have a lot more to do against good clubs. I want to lay a strong foundation now and I’m hungry for prizes. to grab and manifest. “


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