IDF source: “We will not land a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah”


About a week after Hezbollah’s attempted attack in the north, peace has been maintained for now. However, the IDF continues to be on high alert along the border. The Al-Jazeera network published this morning (Sunday) the words of an “Israeli military source” according to which Israel “has no intention of landing a preemptive strike on Hezbollah or the Lebanese state.”

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According to the Al-Jazeera publication, the Israeli military source clarified that “the IDF is not seeking a confrontation with Hezbollah, as its ultimate goal is to prevent Iran from establishing a military base in Syria.” Of Hezbollah. The Lebanese state infrastructure will be among our goals. “

Ganz in his office with IDF officers after the northern incident | Photo: Ariel Hermoni, Ministry of Defense

Shortly after the incident on Mount Dov, the terrorist organization outright rejected the Israeli allegations of an attack on the northern border and said that there was no exchange of fire or gunfire on the part of Hezbollah. In an official statement issued by the organization, he stressed that the threat to harm Israel in retaliation for the death of the organization’s activist Ali Mohsin in Syria – still remains. In response to this threat, the military source told Al-Jazeera: “Standby on the border with Lebanon will continue for as long as it takes.”

The scene of the confrontation in the north
The scene of the incident on the northern border | Photo: Reuters

The alert in the northern sector will continue to accompany the IDF and the Israeli home front. Hezbollah has already managed to launch a variety of threats: Because there is documentation of the terrorists climbing towards the post – and even opening fire.

“Netanyahu, do not abandon the residents of the north”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the confrontation line forum, Moshe Davidovich, sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu demanding that the northern protection plan be promoted “in light of the growing security threat.” “If the required budget is not released within a week, he is forced to file a petition with the High Court – and ask the court to order the state to keep its promise and stop dragging the dangerous legs.”

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