” IDF Determined Soldiers Won ” | New Chief Education Officer: Ophir Levios Replaces Zvika Pierisen – Security News


טקס חילופי התפקידים בלטרון

The role-changing ceremony in LatrunPhoto: IDF Spokesman

Brigadier General Ophir Levios has officially taken over the post of Chief Education Officer, replacing Brigadier General Zvika Pierisen who has served as Chief Education Officer for the past three years.

Piraeus is finishing his military service after 35 years of service. The exchange ceremony was held in a limited program at Yad LaShiryon in Latrun, in the presence of the head of the manpower division, Major General Moti Almoz, commanders and family members.

At the ceremony, Major General Almoz addressed the incoming education officer: “Ofir, the education and chief youth officer, has a different and different role from your track so far. A role that needs to be looked at a lot, in depth, to its roots and heritage, to the various units, and to the broad populations that come to the IDF.

“From such a role that one can dream a little and perform, find out the connection to the IDF and always remember that we are soldiers of the state and not its educators. We have a clear mission and it must be solid in the values ​​and foundations that the IDF commanders lead,” added .

The outgoing Chief Education Officer, Brigadier General Zvika Piraisen, said that “this is what education in the IDF is intended for – to educate for the love of the homeland, for the justice of the way, for human dignity, for the love of the people it is sent to defend.” , Early Judaism and Universal Values ​​Concerning Human Dignity. Because the IDF is determined that its soldiers will win. They will win – and there will remain a person who deserves to be photographed.

“This is the IDF – an army whose entire mission is to defeat and defend the country and has a value compass – is the” spirit of the IDF “, and the values ​​that appear in it are educated by its commanders. “This is the IDF – it is not just the protector of the nation. The person in it is valuable and the commanders will do their best to lead their subordinates everywhere from a personal example,” he added.

The incoming Chief Education Officer, Brigadier General Ophir Levios: “The commander and the Israeli soldier carry with them to the battlefield their operational capability. But above all, and first and foremost, they carry with them the supremacy of the fighting spirit and fighting ethic of the IDF, human superiority, and intellectual and leadership superiority.

” They carry with them the legacy of the Jewish people, the legacy of Zionism and the state and the legacy of the IDF, the belief in the righteousness of the way, the love of the homeland, the love of man and the love of evil, the cohesion and resilience and the willingness to sacrifice and surrender their souls. And this is the first taste of education in the IDF, “Levios added.


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