IDF confirms: Air Force attacked Syrian army targets in the south of the country


The IDF confirmed last night (Monday) that fighter jets, helicopters and aircraft of the Air Force attacked Syrian army targets in the south of the country. According to the announcement, the attack is in response to the cargo landing that was thwarted last night in the southern Golan Heights.

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In an announcement, the IDF Spokesman detailed the targets he attacked, including observation posts, means of collection and intelligence, anti-aircraft guns, means of command and control, and Syrian army bases. The statement said that the IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for any action taken on its territory and will continue to act against any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

The IDF statement came minutes after the official Syrian news agency reported that air defense systems over Damascus had been activated. only.

In fact, the Israeli attack is charging the Assad regime for enabling the activities of the pro-Iranian terrorist militias that have been working against it in recent years. According to a statement issued by the Syrian army, there have been no casualties in recent attacks. Beyond the details of the targets hit and the announcement that there are no casualties, care is taken to maintain the silence that has accompanied us in recent days, there is no reference to the events on the part of both Hezbollah and those militias.

Prior to the attack, the IDF Spokesman released additional details from the scene of the incident between Sunday and Monday on the Syrian border, as well as documentation of the explosives discovered at the site.

Between Sunday and Monday night, a squad of four terrorists was killed on the Syrian border, after the IDF identified them trying to plant explosives. Magellan’s special force that was ambushed in the Tel Fares area was called to the scene, and opened fire in parallel with airstrikes on the terrorists. In the morning, IDF forces neutralized the explosives on the ground.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed tensions in the north yesterday during a Likud faction meeting. “We are not resting for a moment on the issue of security,” he said. “The IDF thwarted an attempted sabotage on the Syrian front. We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and anyone who harms us – this principle applies. ”

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz visited a few days ago with the Deputy Chief of Staff and Home Front Command General at the Corona Headquarters at the Home Front Command and addressed tensions in the north: “Along with the war of the corona defense system, we face challenges in the north, south and elsewhere. Let there be no misunderstandings: the forces have all the means necessary to protect the residents, and to harm anyone who tries to violate the sovereignty of the State of Israel.

“Any terrorist act that emerges from a sovereign state against Israel will be answered at the right time and place,” Ganz added. “Only an enemy who has no logic in his head will dare to check Israel’s readiness to respond.”


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