Identified by the neighbor: the details of the corona incident at a hotel in Eilat


The investigation of the incident revealed that the patient who stayed at the Club Hotel Eilat did some shopping and stayed at the beaches during his vacation. He signed a health declaration at the entrance to the hotel, and was located only 16 hours later by a resident of the locality where he lives. Hotel management: “Should have been jailed, this is not acceptable”

Eilat Municipality announces compliance with corona guidelines on the beach (Photo: Eilat Municipality)
The corona patient who was located at the Club Hotel in Eilat stayed in various places in the city apart from the hotel pool during his vacation, including a mall and beaches – according to a police investigation today (Sunday). The investigation also revealed that before entering the hotel on Friday evening with his family, he was required to sign a health declaration stating that he was not ill and had not been near another person who had been diagnosed with the virus.

For a full 16 hours the patient wandered around the city. He arrived in the area at 19:00 in the evening, and was identified by one of the residents of the locality where he lives only at 11:00 the next morning. The same resident, who was also staying at the Club Hotel, reported to the hotel staff the whereabouts of the verified patient. The management passed the details of the incident to the police immediately upon receipt of the information.

Found 16 hours after arrival. Club Hotel Eilat

The patient was fined NIS 5,000 and removed from the city with his family. Upon receiving the report, the YSM police arrived at his hotel room in protective suits, informing him that he was violating the “Public Health” order and that he must leave immediately and return to the isolation place set at his home in a locality in the north of the country.

Club Hotel chairman Dr Roni Pivko said that “the customer arrived on Friday evening. The next day we were informed that there was a suspicion that he was ill. At 12, an hour later, he was not at the hotel. We did all the necessary checks.” . According to him, “he should have been given six months in prison and not the fine of five thousand shekels for them to be seen and heard. It is not conceivable that a person who is ill will come to a public place and there is a fear that he will infect people.”

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Corona patient was fined and removed from Eilat after spending time with his family at a hotel in the city

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Signed upon entering. Patient health statement

In the background of the incident, the Ministry of Health updated that 625 people had been diagnosed in Corona since Saturday morning. This increased the number of verified infections in Israel to 72,315. It should be noted that yesterday results were obtained for only 7,405 tests, about a third of the number of tests the day before, when the percentage of positive for the virus is 8.4%. The test data and their results are not final and may change in subsequent updates from the Ministry of Health.

The number of active patients is 26,153. 771 patients are hospitalized in the hospitals, of which 96 are respirators and 340 are seriously ill. Currently, 531 people have died from the corona virus in Israel.


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