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The accusations of former top gymnasts against coach Gerrit Beltman in particular are serious. That becomes even clearer if you list the testimonials, as de Volkskrant has done.

Dragged over the ground
For example, Simone Heitinga said in the NRC about Beltman: “When he was angry with me, for example when I did not do an exercise, I was separated in the dressing room where he attacked me. I was dragged on the floor, lifted up by my neck, then dropped, spat in the face and slammed against the wall. ”

“Sometimes he stormed in so angry that we shoved together on the ground or the benches. He would then lie on top of me with his hands around my neck, making me breathless and roaring in my ears. It was so bad that it made me hyperventilate. That goes many times beyond a paternal blow. ”

Smaller ones
Joy Goedkoop, the gymnast who first told her story, is also not tender about coach Vincent Wevers, father of gymnast Sanne Wevers. On July 29, she says in the AD: “Once my mother saw Vincent hit me. She took immediate action on this. The trainer then went to my house to apologize, but the day after I got wind of the training. I never dared to say it to my parents again. ”

Inexpensive earlier to the NOS: “I was beaten and kicked by him. Not daily. The belittling, getting angry and ignoring happened every day. ”

Fat cow
Almost every top coach of the time went over the line, it seems. For example, Gabriëlla Wammes says about Frank Louter: “Bitch, fat cow, putbil. Hours of training and if it was not done well, and hours of punishment training. Those who have been responsible for this should never have worked in gymnastics again. But the board of the association and the KNGU have always looked away. While they all know about this. ”

Read all testimonials in the Volkskrant.

Bron(nen): De Volkskrant


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