I told him: “My son, we continue here” – News in Israel


Sterni Wolf, a Chabad emissary in Hanover-Germany who lost her husband, Rabbi Benjamin Wolf et al., Decided to stay in Hanover and continue their joint mission.

In an exciting conversation with the Minister of the Diaspora, Omar Inkelevich, she told about the family and the community’s dealing with the death of her husband.

“Before my husband Benjamin passed away, our work was divided 50% -50%. Today I do 100% down and he is 100% up. It’s unbelievable. We have been here in Hanover for 15 years, looking for and waiting to reach a permanent structure. Only now, most miraculously, have we reached the point. “Where we are facing the signing of a contract. So unfortunately he did not get it, but we will be called the ‘House of Benjamin’ building, so that Hanover will have not only his grave, but also life. ‘And the beast will give to his heart,'” Wolf said.

Minister Yankelevich said that “Sterni is an inspiration for female power and a true Jewish mission against all challenges. We as women go through a difficult, sometimes even complex, way and to see a woman like you who despite the difficult path she continues to lead, lead and sanctify heaven, gives a lot of strength.”

In the moving conversation between them, Wolf told of the family and community dealing with her husband’s death, and also thanked Sarah: “The fact that I stayed is one thing. .


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