“I received threats, no one has any idea what’s really going on”


After a series of exciting statements on the subject from her associates, Britney Spears’ father himself referred to the fan protest, which came in the wake of the legal battle he is waging against his daughter. “I never really have a clue. I love my daughter and that’s our business,” he said, among other things

In recent years, many Britney Spears fans have joined the FreeBritney movement, which claims that the star’s associates, led by her father, hold it against her will and exploit it for financial gain.

Those same fans also believe that an attempt was made by Britney’s family members to damage her image to show that she was unable to gain full control of her career.

Two weeks after her aunt’s comment on the matter and expressed her support for the fan protest, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, issued his own message. The 68-year-old, who serves as his daughter’s guardian, said: “All these conspiracy theories are not based on anything. This is a joke. There is never any idea.”

“The California court determines what’s best for my daughter. It’s not anyone else’s business,” the singer’s father continued, “I have to report to the court for the year on every penny that goes out, so how the hell can I steal something?”

In his rare reference to the storm surrounding that conspiracy theory, Spears also recounted the fan attack: “People are following us and threatening our lives. It’s horrible. We are not interested in such fans. I love my daughter. I love all my kids, and that’s our business. “.


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