“I pressured you”: a confrontation between Netanyahu and Lapid in the Knesset


If we were looking for more signs of the smell of the election in the air, this confrontation in the Knesset between Prime Minister Netanyahu and opposition chairman Lapid. Netanyahu spoke during a discussion initiated by 40 MKs from the opposition entitled “The Collapse of Social Services” and took the opportunity to address a sharp parliamentary speech. The chapter and bites and criticism of the opposition and especially of Lapid. MK Lapid, do not sew suits and do not build on the leftist demonstrations of MK Odeh and Ehud Barak. MK Odeh called out to me: “You are a terrorist in peace.” You are sabotaging yourself. A supporter of terrorism called the Israeli prime minister a terrorist. “Your partner who took part in the demonstration with Hamas called the prime minister a terrorist.”

Lapid commented on the podium: “The chair you are sitting on now is not yours, it belongs to the people of Israel. You and I are employees of the citizens of Israel. The protesters are the landlords. This is not your house. They came to tell you simply that the contract is over. “Here when the convoy leaves. You know what it looks like. You will go through it again. The Audi will be first, followed by another, followed by the truck with the personal belongings. Then the gate closes and it’s over.”

Netanyahu decided to respond again: “At the time, when I was considering running for prime minister, I thought of consulting a person I valued, and I asked him, my father, Prof. Ben-Zion Netanyahu: What does a person need in order to be prime minister of Israel? He replied: … What is essential for a prime minister is education. If he has no education he will be a slave of the officials and those around him. (About Lapid) You were a reporter in the camp, today you tweeted in the camp. There are a few more things you need to do in the middle. ”

Lapid did not give up the opportunity to respond: “Stand in front of the whole building and make it clear to them that I pressured you. To attack me personally after this speech, it’s like saying he’s a legitimate prime ministerial candidate. Maybe your father should have given you the following offer: Respect the people around you.”

A verbal confrontation between those who appear to be fighting head-to-head if the election is imminent, and no less have left Benny Gantz as the replacement prime minister.

“Even if I were to bring world peace, you would say why only now”

Netanyahu opened his speech on economics: “I heard the idle claims of the opposition. On the collapse of the world economy that I raised, on the neglect of security from people who vehemently opposed the nuclear content in Iran, I heard claims from people who said why you opened the economy when they said open. “Netanyahu. Even if I were to bring a vaccine to Corona or world peace, you would say why only now.”

He directed the fire at MK Tamar Zandberg of Meretz, initiating the debate: “You do not understand what a market economy is and what causes growth and what competition is and how to create a real economy. Whoever tried to do things your way, failed. We have led many changes in the centralized and uncompetitive economy that has existed in Israel. As a result of the tax receipts and more that allowed us to build police stations in Arab localities and more and more double the budgets for education, health and welfare, we brought to the homes of senior citizens 4 million rations. Only as a result of the right economy have I led in opposition many of you. I did it because the only way to help the weak in society, is this. Contrary to Marx’s claims. But my friends on the left, you are not interested in facts. “MK Avigdor Lieberman, chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, described Netanyahu as a” democrat “and accused the left that” everything is political with him. The corona is political. The economy is political. And the demonstrations as well. ”

He distinguished between the political demonstrations and those of the Corona victims: “I do not talk about the demonstrations of those who were injured in the Corona. I meet with many of them. I hear and listen to what they say. And I get tremendous support from them.”

Netanyahu reiterated his criticism of the media in covering the demonstrations: “Take a quarter of the left’s seat and present it as a mass protest, this is Pike News. Seven hacks in one edition. Media is mobilized and mobilized. Today the media does articles about water jets to disperse demonstrations. We are told that the leftist demonstrations are spontaneous. These are the most organized spontaneous demonstrations ever. Organized from luxury hotels and top towers. Finished organizing a demonstration and going to eat at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel – in many countries Those who were harmed by the corona, in the leftist demonstrations of the opposition there is contempt for the symbols of the state and calls for the assassination of the prime minister and his family, shameful vulgar performances against my wife, the depression of the country. None of you came out against it. Towards his family members? And why not condemn? “.

Here he moved to a historical accusation against the left: “Even when we fight the disease, the left fights the government by any means or means. You never got the people’s decision. And it starts in ’77. It is not just against me personally. In the disengagement you reduced mass demonstrations and today you inflate demonstrations Today, what protesters are you talking about? So what restrictions are you talking about? The court has restricted. “That has changed since then, it is the prime minister. What was forbidden against a prime minister from the left, today is forbidden against a right-wing prime minister. Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy.”

Netanyahu also mentioned the disaster in Lebanon: “I send condolences to the people of Lebanon on behalf of the Israeli government. Yesterday was a very big disaster. We are prepared to extend humanitarian aid as human beings to human beings. As we did in the humanitarian crisis in Syria. This is our way.”

During his speech there were many disturbances and several Knesset members were removed from the hall.

“It is impossible to get out of this crisis with talk”

Lapid also spoke and said: “This is the power and beauty of democracy. We work for the citizens of Israel. They decide when they take us to work and when to fire us. They will not fire you because they are leftists or anarchists or disease spreaders or any other ugly name you called them. You will be fired because you do a bad job. You once did a good job, you no longer. They fired you because of the economy, because of what you do to political life in Israel, because they live with their parents. Even the world champion in marketing can not sell to sick people who are healthy, For the unemployed who have a job. ”

Lapid emphasized the failed government treatment of the Corona crisis: “Your problem is that from this crisis it is impossible to get out of the talk. Data and performance can be compared to the rest of the world. In every measure, we are at the bottom of the table. All over the world we have corrected and told the truth. Nothing else interested them. And you at that time wasted your time at press conferences where you said how amazing you are. I wondered what happened to you, what happened to the talented man who would have handled this crisis differently. You’re too long in power. This crisis has come to you At a particularly bad time, at the height of fatigue in a legal war for your life, when democracy seems like something to you.

“It’s not about you or me, it’s about the fate of the country and the future of our children. Your government will not be able to take care of it, it is built crooked and strange with zero functional capacity. From this land no labor will grow. You are no longer built for it. I will tell you something against all. The instincts: If I become prime minister and there is a problem in Iran, I will call you to hear what you think. With all the bad blood, I would like to listen to you. The State of Israel is above politics. It is above all of us.

“It’s not against, it’s for. For love of country. The protesters are neither delusional nor strange. They are great and they are the best people in the country. And they are your bosses. And your bosses are very unhappy. We hurt ourselves enough, it’s time to start recovering. We will despair ourselves enough. “It’s time for hope.”


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