‘I give AZ a good chance, still see at Ajax how they accommodate departure Ziyech’


Barry van Galen also puts AZ forward as an important title candidate in the new season. The club icon of the Alkmaarders has yet to see how competitor Ajax is doing.

“I expect AZ to compete for the title again next season. If the current selection stays together, I will give them a good chance”, Van Galen tells Football International. “At Ajax I have yet to see how they will accommodate the departure of Hakim Ziyech. He provided them with goals, assists, fighting spirit and technical class. The purchases have yet to prove themselves.”

“At AZ, the team is now rock solid. And they dare to think big. I think that’s good,” the single international continues. “I didn’t leave in a nice way, but I have to admit Robert Eenhoorn that he gave the club an impulse. If he doesn’t start thinking too American. That they will sell those big boxes of popcorn at competitions. Then I’ll drive to Alkmaar and I knock over the sales cart. With your popcorn. “


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