I could have been the great conqueror of Be’er Sheva


Itzik towards | 02/08/2020 19:00
Ben Shehar (Noam Moreno)

Ben Shehar (Noam Moreno)

Hapoel Beer Sheva parted ways with its senior striker last week, Ben Shehar, Who moved to the neighboring island and will play for the next two years in Apoel Nicosia. Tonight (Sunday) Shehar held a press conference at Zoom in which he said goodbye to the red team.

The decision to leave BS: If I had stayed, maybe I would have deserved to become BS’s goal scorers. The decision was difficult, even to move two children to Cyprus after five years in the country. I made my decision wholeheartedly, I wanted to challenge myself and renew and get out of the comfort zone. I touched all the degrees in BS and the biggest gift was the cup and goal final. “

Ben Shehar in the uniform of Apoel Nicosia (Apoel Nicosia)Ben Shehar in the uniform of Apoel Nicosia (Apoel Nicosia)

The impact of players leaving on the decision: “I saw players leave and I looked at it too, but I felt that after winning the cup and I said ‘okay’ what next. Of course I also saw where Hapoel Beer Sheva is going and also financially and there are cuts. Anyone who has been involved in the details knew that I decided to cut a lot of money. But when an offer came from Nicosia I felt I needed the next thing, the next drive. In the end it turned out well for both parties. I also helped B.S. a lot in terms of budget. Unfortunately a lot of players have left, I hope there will be more young people who will lead the club. I am very happy”.

The economic impact on his departure: “I do not like talking about the financial matter. You should always see value for what you are given. In the WC, to be real, I was in all the significant moments of the team. I do not like to talk financially. In the end, I did think about the club in this matter as well, and I saw that the situation was not good. We see what’s going on. All my considerations, that’s what I chose. I have the kind of grant I am supposed to receive and here too I went with the club because it is really important to me. I went through here and he has given me a lot over the years. In the end, I want to help them and that both parties will benefit. “

Ben Shehar (Hagai Michaeli)Ben Shehar (Hagai Michaeli)

The glorious club he came to: “I played against them but as soon as you come here and see the training complex you are in shock. There is a huge pool and a huge gym with a hot tub and what not. There are 6-7 physiotherapists. You walk down the street and everyone is talking about Apoel Nicosia. It is also known in the world because many foreigners come here. They made a decision because it is a big club that has made its way through Europe. Of course, I have to prove that I can cope here as well. ”

The pressure of BS fans following the departures: “It will not be the big team of recent years, to achieve what we have achieved in five years it is once in a while. One might have to look at it differently, but even if it will not be this year or next year it is rebuilding itself. Need to build through budget balancing and hope they knew how to manage it properly. If they learn to manage properly, they will look good in the years to come. If management is not good then there will be a decline. I trust the people there. “

Hapoel Beer Sheva fans (Radad Jabara)Hapoel Beer Sheva fans (Radad Jabara)

The team: “Mons and Zahavi play well and of course there is good competition. I also think I can help the Israeli team. But I have to prove myself, give goals here and show that I am capable. In the end it’s a coach’s decision but I know I can contribute to the team. I have over 40 appearances and I can help. ”

Is it ashes to say that he abandoned BS: “Breda and Melixon are legends and they deserve to be like that. I really do not think about abandonment, I do not think it is the feeling of the audience. I received thousands of thank you messages. In the given situation, even if I had cut a lot of money for Hapoel Beer Sheva, it would have been difficult to keep me. I did for my house and gave up a lot of money so they could run for years to come. It took me a long time to see what was happening with the verb in “S.”

Aliniv Barda (Spokeswoman for Hapoel Beer Sheva)Aliniv Barda (Spokeswoman for Hapoel Beer Sheva)

Where does BS stand in terms of the clubs he played for: I do not know whether to say that this is the biggest team I would come to in the country, because I was also at Hapoel Tel Aviv that we were in the Champions League. I can say that the strengths of this group are tremendous. The championships we took were very powerful. Groups would come and be afraid of Turner. We felt like from the first minutes we were overrun. There was an amazing connection, even with the professional staff. Everything was very powerful and powerful. It was fun to belong to such a group. ”

Maccabi Haifa and Barak Bachar: “I have a very good relationship with Barak Bachar, I talk until now. Haifa has its players, its pioneers and there are things beyond. I did not come to Maccabi Haifa, I came to Nicosia, so I have nothing more to say than that. “

Barak Bachar (Reuven Cohen, the official website of Maccabi Haifa)Barak Bachar (Reuven Cohen, the official website of Maccabi Haifa)

Has an era ended in Hapoel B’Shlosha?: “Yes, it’s kind of the end of an era of players who were here in the first championships. Only Taha and Jupiter remained. But there will be a new era for this club. There are good people there like Barda, Melikson, Asi and Yossi Aboksis. I’m not sure it will be easy, but it will take time. I hope they will be able to find the right path. ”

The image of Cypriot football: “There were a lot of considerations. Precisely in terms of salaries I am less concerned about it I know it is going well. I have been in places in terms of professionalism and attitude, there is a nutritionist who works with you every day and the conduct is very professional, see I came to a big club. I do not know what the stigma is about Cyprus but I came to a big club with ambitions in Europe. I am very happy and waiting to start playing. “


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