“I begged to play in the Champions League, they did not agree”


“I got chills.” Dortmund crowd (getty) | Photo: Sports 5

This coming Wednesday it’s back: the Champions League “Final 8” tournament will open in Lisbon, with Paris Saint-Germain meeting Atlanta. Whoever does not come up against this confrontation is Thomas Munia. The Belgian defender, who helped the Parisians oust Borussia Dortmund in the quarter-finals, moved to the yellow-black ranks – and instead of flying to Portugal, he flew to his new team’s training camp for next season. Between the two teams, Munia managed to be interviewed today (Monday) by the Belgian media, where he told about his departure – and also about life as a footballer in a senior team.

“I really wanted to play in the quarterfinals,” he said. “I was already in Dortmund and begged the team to let me end the season with Paris, whose side did not try to reach an agreement with Dortmund at all, certainly not with me.” Leonardo, the professional manager of the French champions, denied the allegations. As for the moment he left, he revealed that the moment he was informed that he was not continuing was quite cold: “I just packed my things, got a letter from a lawyer that I can no longer enter the compound. And that’s it. It was their cowardly move,” he said of his former team. .

For four years he played Monia in France, in which he managed to taste quite a bit of the glamorous life. In a summary atmosphere for his years alongside actors like Ambape, Neymar and Zlatan, he revealed: “There were tremendous parties. When I was in Bruges, we celebrated at the pool or throwing arrows – but here it was something completely different. You rented a palace, there were hundreds of people. You understand that actors here are “More than footballers; they are stars. It was obviously a bit excessive for me, but it’s part of the game.”

Finally, he also referred to his next stop – Dortmund – which he met only recently, already in a PSG uniform. “I had chills all that game,” he referred to his game at Signal Idona Park. “It was the first time I played in such a big stadium and in such an atmosphere. The fans stood and sang the whole game, and I just thought: wow. I’ll be here next year.”


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