“I am optimistic, there will be a vaccine for Corona in the coming year”


Corona virus – a situation in Israel and around the world

11:00 – German Health Minister: “Optimistic about Corona vaccine in the coming year”

German Health Minister Jens Schpan said in an interview with local television that he expects a vaccine for Corona to be found in the coming months and certainly in the coming year. “I am optimistic and think that in the coming months, probably in the coming year, there will be a vaccine,” Shapan said. He declined to say an exact date and said how many times people would be required to be vaccinated but said “one thing can be said for sure – thanks to the joint work of scientists, doctors and the public, we will probably get vaccinated faster than ever”

German Health Minister Jens Schpan Photo: AFP

10:39 – Russia: The number of infected stands at 900,000

Authorities in Russia reported this morning that in the last day about 5,000 new infections have been discovered in Corona. In total, there are 907,758 carriers of the virus in Russia. In the last 24 hours, 124 people have died from its coronation, bringing the death toll from the virus to 15,384.

Moscow Moscow Photo: EPA

09:55 – Ukraine: Record number of infections per day – about 1,600

Ukraine recorded a record number of people infected in Korona yesterday – 1,592. This was announced today by the National Council for Security and Defense. The number of people infected with the virus has skyrocketed in Ukraine in the last two months after the authorities eased restrictions and allowed cafes, churches and public transport to reopen. The total number of people infected with the virus in Ukraine is 86,140. The death toll is 1,992.

Departure from the metro in Kiev this morning Departure from the metro in Kiev this morning Photo: API

09:45 – Australia: Very low number of infections in the last day – 292

Australia recorded the lowest one-day increase in the number of infected – only 292. This is compared to 410 yesterday. Most of the new infections came again from the state of Victoria, whose capital is Melbourne – 278 people.

Melbourne, Australia Melbourne, Australia Photo: AFP

09:00 – Jones Hopkins University: About 750,000 die from corona worldwide

749,358 people have died so far from the Corona virus worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. This is almost eight months since the first cases of the Corona virus were reported. The number of people infected with the virus stands at about 20.6 million people.

Funeral in Sao Paulo Funeral in Sao Paulo Photo: AFP

08:00 – Trump: We will provide 125 million reusable masks to schools for resumption of education

U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his call for the reopening of U.S. schools. At a news conference in which he issued eight recommendations for the resumption of education, the president added that the administration would provide 125 million reusable masks to schools.

Donald Trump Donald Trump Photo: AP

07:45 – Corona in India: 67,000 infected with the virus have been diagnosed in a day – a record in the last two weeks

Authorities in India have reported a surge in the daily number of infected people in Corona – 67,000 people have been diagnosed positive for the virus in the past day. The number of people infected with the virus in the country stands at more than 2.4 million people. For the past two weeks, the daily number of people infected has been 50,000. 950 people have died in the country as a result of the complications of the virus in the last day and the outbreak of the plague and so far 47,000 people have died from the virus. India is the third country in the world where the virus is spreading rapidly after the United States and Brazil.

07:00 – New Zealand: 13 new cases of Corona infection have been diagnosed

New Zealand health authorities have updated that 13 new cases of corona infection have been diagnosed in the country. Prime Minister Jessinda Arden said she expects the rate of infection to continue to rise before it is halted. Findings of four family members in Auckland who became infected in Corona two days ago shocked the state in which no new cases of infection were recorded for more than three months.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden Photo: AFP

06:45 – Peru: President announces extension of closure and ban on family gatherings

Peruvian President Martin Viscara has announced a ban on family gatherings and the extension of quarantine to five more districts in the country, due to rising morbidity. 15 of the 25 provinces in Peru are already under closure. Viscra said that “now those who infect us are the people we know, the near ones who come to visit us, the friends. This is a problem we must solve together.” In recent days, Peru has reported an average of 7,000 new infections and about 200 deaths a day. According to the Ministry of Health, 489,680 people were infected with the outbreak, of which 21,501 died.


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