Hyundai establishes sub-brand for electric cars – Sport 5


Hyundai’s headquarters in South Korea announced last night (Sunday) that it is the founder of a sub-brand dedicated entirely to electric cars and smart mobile technologies. The brand name will probably ring a familiar one for you – “Ionic”, after the popular family name in Israel (and perhaps thanks to its success, a strategic move of this kind was born). In the next four years, Hyundai will launch at least 3 electric cars, including the Ionic 5, a compact crossover based on the Hyundai-45 concept sports charts.

The electric cars will be based on a dedicated electric platform called E-GMP which will be able to provide integrated solutions of different proportions and fast charging capability at home or in an outdoor network. These technologies open up the possibility for Hyundai to make the most of the passenger space, including modular seating and clean and versatile human engineering with upgraded digital monitors, advanced communication interfaces and new-generation safety systems. This floor will also serve Kia who will likely use it for a new electric crossover.

Apart from the Ionic 5, which will be designed with a retro scent according to the Concept 45 presented in Frankfurt 2019, the electric brand will also add the Ionic 6 as well as the Ionic 7. The first, will be an interpretation of the luxurious sedan Profi introduced a few months ago and the latter joins the SUV group The senior, possibly in a 5 + 2 configuration. The sedan model will be seen on the roads in 2022, and the crossover about two years later. Hyundai notes that the cars are designed according to a “timeless value” philosophy inspired by the brand’s past vehicles.

The IONIQ project, (the term consists of the word ION and UNIQE) was announced in 2016 with the introduction of the hybrid sedan car that has become a fleet favorite in Israel. According to the strategic plan, Hyundai has set a target of one million sales for the electric brand by 2025 and hopes to bite into a share of at least 10% of the market segment – and lead it. Hyundai will help with collaborations with a number of foreign suppliers, including the South Korean battery maker SK, with a total investment of $ 124 billion, and it seems that it may market the cars in a separate distribution (halls and sales channels). The range of the cars ensures at least 450 miles until the battery drains and a convincing performance.

At the same time, Hyundai will continue to unveil a series of hybrid cars with plug-in technology. One of them that will become a sales hit (almost certainly) is the 2021 Tucson that was unveiled as a showcase at the Los Angeles show last year under the temporary name T-Vision and may be launched later this year. It will also be joined by a Hyundai Santa Fe plug-in and from the other side of the sidewalk also a Kia Sorrento Hybrid. Hyundai’s goal is pretty clear anyway: to become the most powerful hybrid car manufacturer in the world and to challenge Toyota at every junction and face.


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