husband leaves wife after quarrel, drives home 900 km


Nine of those ten times going on vacation with your partner is a reason for joy and excitement, but it sometimes goes wrong. There is stress and especially in the heat of recent times the emotions can run high. Well, a French couple has known. On the way to the South of France, they had such a fierce argument that the husband left his wife in a parking lot.

When he had ‘dropped off’ his wife, the man drove home 900 kilometers away. Only. The woman was left in a parking lot along the Autoroute du Soleil, near the city of Orange.

Return by train next day

The woman called her husband several times, but he was apparently so angry that he ignored all calls from his other half. That writes the French newspaper Dauphiné Liberated.

The woman saw no other option than to book a hotel room and travel the next day by train back to Lille, where she and the man live. Why the two had a fight and whether they are still together is unknown.

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Holiday ruined: husband leaves wife after quarrel, drives home 900 km


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