Hundreds of thousands of Israelis received the grant from the National Insurance Institute


In the first stage, the citizens who will receive the money are the parents, who will receive the grant for their children, later, the personal grant will pass to each adult citizen.

This morning (Sunday), the National Insurance Institute began to transfer the ‘grant to every citizen’, their economic plan that includes the ‘Corona grant’ of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz.

Parents of children under the age of 18 have already received the grant for their children into bank accounts. Parents are entitled to NIS 500 for each child up to the fourth child, and NIS 300 for each additional child.

These grants will be transferred from the National Insurance Institute to the bank accounts to which the child allowance is transferred each month.

Also, babies born during the month of July will be eligible for the grant – even if they have not yet received the child allowance from Social Security.

In total, the Social Security will transfer NIS 1,450,000,000 in the first phase for the corona grants to children.

According to the National Insurance Institute, another million payments will be made every day until the end of all payments. You can make sure on the Social Security website that the bank account information is available for payment – and you can even update such information if necessary. Those who do not have a bank account will later be able to cash the grant in cash at one of the Post Bank branches.


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