Hundreds of prisoners fled after attack on Afghan prison Abroad


A car bomb first went off at Jalalabad prison. Attackers then opened fire on the guards. During the chaos, many of the nearly 1,800 prisoners fled. A spokesman for the governor of the eastern province of Nangarhar says more than a thousand refugees have been arrested again.

A prisoner who was left behind in prison told by phone that the attackers were holed up in the complex. “Sometimes it is quiet and then the shooting starts again,” said the man earlier today. “The security forces do not seem to be able to advance because the attackers hold strategic places, including the watchtowers.”

Religious extremists

In addition to ordinary criminals, prisoners were also detained by Taliban and ISIS extremists. The latter group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Authorities had announced a day before the attack on the prison that a senior IS leader had been killed in the city’s vicinity.

A local politician said that public life in the Jalalabad has been completely shut down due to the fight at the prison. “Shops are closed. The city is completely empty. ”


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