Hülkenberg surprised by P3: ‘This is a great highlight’


Nico Hülkenberg has recently been demanding attention because of his return to Formula 1, but today he was the surprise in qualifying, in which he took third fastest and thus beat Max Verstappen. The German is logically satisfied with the result, but at the same time also surprised that he has managed to qualify in the top three for the first time since Austria 2016.

In the front in qualifying it is again a battle between the Mercedes for pole position, but behind that everything is open. For a moment it seems that Daniel Ricciardo is claiming third place with his Renault, but none other than Nico Hülkenberg surprises in his second substitution at Racing Point by taking the third fastest time and thus outpacing Max Verstappen. The German is logically happy, but also surprised.

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“The last few days have been really crazy,” says Hülkenberg after qualifying. “Last week it was a high point to return, but it was a low point that I couldn’t start. It was a week of extremes. This weekend I felt better in the car, of course I was better prepared. Qualifying was tough, in Q2 I made it difficult for myself and I was afraid I’d damaged the car. Q3 was just going full throttle. I am honestly surprised to be here. I have a big smile on my face, ”said the German.

Last week Hülkenberg also came in, but due to engine problems he could not even start the British Grand Prix. That will have consequences for tomorrow’s race, he predicts. “It’s going to hurt that I don’t have the experience of last week’s race. That I did not experience the emotions at the start, it is a whole new car for me. I will do my best to learn quickly and to get the car to where it should be ”, says ‘the Hulk’.

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Despite his surprisingly good result, Hülkenberg remains wary of the race. “It’s only Saturday, Sunday is the most important. But this is certainly a nice highlight. There is no time to cheer, because tomorrow is the big day, ”he concludes.

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