Hülkenberg is disappointed with missing Q3: ‘Needed an extra tenth and that was definitely in the car’


Nico Hülkenberg thinks he could have made it to Q3 in qualifying for the British Grand Prix, but got stuck in Q2 – in thirteenth place. “Maybe it was also a utopia to think that everything would go smoothly the first time.”

He tells that to the German Sky, with Hülkenberg saying that ‘it was not easy to find the rhythm’. Not surprising, perhaps, for a substitute who thought that his Formula 1 career might be over at the end of 2019, but suddenly replaces the positive corona-tested Sergio Pérez this weekend.

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Hülkenberg had a hard time at the start of Q2 mediumtires to find the good feeling, and then he switched to softs, that changed again. In addition, it took some getting used to working with Racing Point again, after three seasons with Renault. “Each team works differently.”

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“Perhaps it was also a utopia to think that everything would go smoothly the first time,” admits Hülkenberg, who especially regrets that “it was only a tenth or slightly more” and he had achieved Q3. “And that was certainly in the car.”

“We should now try to do better on Sunday. We are going for it, because it is clear that the differences between them are small, so the gap to our rivals is not large either. In any case, I’m going to give everything, ”says Hülkenberg, who does not yet know whether his performance of Sunday will be continued.


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