Hülkenberg hopes to surprise: “I still have something to spare”


Nico Hülkenberg suddenly appeared at the start of the first free practice session this morning in Great Britain. The German was summoned by Racing Point to replace Sergio Pérez, who tested positive for the corona virus. Although Hülkenberg had not been behind a Formula 1 wheel for a long time, he did ride competitive times at Silverstone. Is there a surprise in the barrel?

A ninth time in the first free practice and a seventh time in the second free practice, it was anything but a bad start for Hülkenberg in the service of Racing Point. The driver from Emmerich seemed to have absolutely no problem with his long absence in Formula 1. However, he had to take some physical blows, he says after Friday. “I think I will feel my body tomorrow and the day after. It is of course a big challenge, but I am not averse to that”, he is quoted by Motorsport.com.

The fact that Hülkenberg was able to adapt so quickly to an entirely new Formula 1 car also had to do with the team. The 32-year-old driver also played in the past for Racing Point, which was then still racing under the name of Force Inda. Some of the staff Hülkenberg used to work with are still working for the team today. “There are a lot of old acquaintances here, which of course helps,” he says. “Of course I built it up step by step today. Building the speed in the car and understanding the machine.”

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Racing Point’s car is particularly competitive this season, Hülkenberg has also noticed. He himself never managed to reach the podium, but perhaps there will be a surprise coming Sunday. “Yes, you can see the enormous potential of the car, the car is very fast. I have not yet tested the soft tire very much. I think I still have something in store and that I can use that tire better”, so he says.


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