Hülkenberg has hope of a return to Formula 1 through talks with teams NOW


Nico Hülkenberg is hopeful that he will get a permanent seat in Formula 1 again in 2021. The German already talks to teams, although it is not concrete.

“I have contact with some people within Formula 1. Also with team bosses, although that is also because I know them well”, said Hülkenberg, who drove 177 GPs from 2010 to 2019, against Thursday. Motorsport.com.

“Sometimes it is just a chat and sometimes it is more about the future. So the conversations are there for sure, but not yet concrete. In the coming weeks we will see if it ends in anything.”

Last weekend, Hülkenberg was once again allowed to take action in Formula 1 as a replacement for Racing Point driver Sergio Pérez, who tested positive for corona in the run-up to the Grand Prix of Great Britain. However, he did not start in the race due to technical problems on his car.

‘A good result is advertising’

Hülkenberg may get a second chance at the GP of the seventieth anniversary of Formula 1 on Sunday, which will also be held at Silverstone, but that is only the case if Pérez tests positive again. The Mexican’s test will probably come on Friday morning.

It would be a disappointment for the 32-year-old Hülkenberg if he is not allowed to start, also because he cannot prove himself towards next year. “If you achieve a good result, it is always good advertising,” Hülkenberg realizes.

“But I don’t think people, especially team bosses, look at just one race. Especially under these conditions. And it is clear to me that I am now only a temporary replacement for Pérez. If the test gives the desired result, then he drives. Otherwise I’ll give everything for Racing Point. ”

GP start times of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1

  • First training: Friday at noon
  • Second training: Friday 4 p.m.
  • Third training: Saturday noon
  • Qualification: Saturday 3 pm
  • Race: Sunday 3.10 pm


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