Hülkenberg after heavy return: “These cars are animals”


10:17 – Nico Hülkenberg will start the Grand Prix of Great Britain from thirteenth place, somewhat disappointing perhaps given the potential of the Racing Point RP20 and sixth place that teammate Lance Stroll takes this afternoon.

The German stepped into Racing Point quite unexpectedly on Friday when that team saw regular driver Sergio Perez drop out with a positive corona test. Hulkenberg was just on his way from Monaco to a test at the Nürburgring, but never changed his mind and immediately rushed to Silverstone where he left a great impression in the free practice sessions.

In the qualifying, however, things went less smoothly: the 32-year-old driver went through to the second session in fifth place, but therefore stranded at P13. Hülkenberg himself thought it was a disappointment. “I feel that there was more in it and that I didn’t get the most out of it. But given the circumstances it was also very difficult, I don’t know if you can get a hundred percent out of a car under these circumstances.”

The German was referring to the short preparation time he had and the physical problems – especially for the neck muscles – that caused the renewed introduction to Formula 1. “Let me tell you, these cars are beasts. So much downforce. I’ve never had so much speed in a corner, so much G-force. Very heavy.”

Due to his elimination in Q2, Hülkenberg can at least decide on which rubber he will start on Sunday and that is an advantage: “Yes, that is always a good option. Some drivers in the top ten will also start on the harder medium tire. is going to be interesting, I’ve had so much input The first qualifying, the first time with little fuel, the first time with a lot of fuel I have to learn a lot and soak it all up I have to process it all very quickly, it’s not easy, but I really enjoy it. ”

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