Huge demand of NIS 1.34 billion in Tashan issuance – global markets


Huge demand of NIS 1.34 billion was recorded today in the issue of Tashan. Due to the high demand, the company increased the volume of recruitment to the maximum allowed by the rating, ie to NIS 350 million. The interest rate set in the auction was set at 0.83%. The fundraising was led by Barak Capital Underwriting.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tshan, Moshe Kalkian: “The recruitment is the first step in a series of recruitments that the company plans to carry out in the coming years, in order to finance the promotion of various projects in the field of energy, which will ensure energy security for the Israeli energy economy.” In the Israeli and international energy economy. ”

CEO Eran Haimovich: In recent years we have established our position as a leading company in the energy economy, bond raising is a significant milestone in the company’s commercial development and will provide it with the necessary resources to carry out strategic projects of national importance in the energy economy in the coming years. These will prepare the State of Israel for the energy changes that are taking place in the world. ”





5777 – Energy Infrastructure was established in 1959. The Energy Infrastructure Company is an executive arm of the State of Israel for continuous and energy security in routine and emergency situations. The main activity of the company focuses on supplying energy needs, including unloading, storage and loading of crude oil and distillates And the distillation of distillates in a national underground transmission network. The network connects the fuel sources, ports and refineries to the storage sites and final consumers.

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