Huge demand for swimming pools due to heat: sales increased sevenfold | NOW


Due to the heat, “a huge number” of swimming pools are being sold. At sales are almost seven times higher than normal and at Blokker they are also leaving the shops, spokespersons report to on Tuesday.

Since the start of the corona crisis, Blokker has already seen a peak in the sale of swimming pools. “We sell a lot of them,” says a Blokker spokesperson. “Since March, sales are 60 percent higher than last year, we have already sold more than 50,000 pools this year.”

According to him, the enormous demand for swimming pools fits in a broader trend. “People are more at home. They don’t go out to eat and cook anymore, they are more busy with cleaning … Actually everything around the household sells very well, and swimming pools fit in with that.”

Although Blokker has no figures on how well the swimming pools have been selling in recent days, the spokesperson knows that there is also a peak now. “If the weather is nice for one or two days, you don’t really see that sales increase, but if it stays nice for several days, the consumer thinks: it makes sense for me to make that purchase.” sees that peak very clearly. There, the sale of swimming pools has increased by 685 percent in the past week compared to three weeks ago. And that is not even the largest peak the online store has ever seen: during the heat wave of 2019, when the temperature rose to around 40 degrees, 785 percent more swimming pools were sold.

“As soon as a heat wave is predicted, we see a huge increase in sales of swimming pools, accessories and inflatable figures,” said a spokesperson. “These can be hundreds of percentages higher than a week before with regular Dutch summer weather. Due to the prolonged heat, the peak also lasts longer.”


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